What's available?

Heritage EQUIP provides funding for private owners of earthquake-prone heritage buildings. There are two types of grants available, focusing on different scales of seismic strengthening works:

  • Retrofit grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs up to a maximum grant of $25,000. Retrofit grants are designed to support smaller seismic strengthening projects focused on addressing specific building parts or retrofit solutions for common hazards.
  • Major works grants provide up to 50% of seismic strengthening costs. Major works grants support seismic strengthening projects which propose comprehensive strengthening solutions for earthquake-prone buildings, including large scale or staged projects.

Type of work we fund

Heritage EQUIP funding covers a range of work, this may include:

  • careful removal, noting, transport and storage of heritage material required for access and construction of the structural strengthening works
  • careful removal of other materials required for access and construction of the structural strengthening works and disposal off site
  • provision, fitting and fixing of all materials for the structural strengthening works
  • provision of all labour and equipment to carry out the structural strengthening works
  • clean up of the new works to receive the replacement of heritage fabric
  • associated Preliminary and General costs (P&G) and margins to provide materials and carry out the structural strengthening works.
  • professional services (e.g. research, condition reports, land management or earthwork plans and specifications, management plans or supervision of work, building and resource consent related costs). Check with your territorial authority, as they may also support you to undertake this work.

The following work is not eligible for Heritage EQUIP funding:

  • demolition of heritage buildings or structures (other than required for the accepted seismic strengthening works)
  • non-seismic related restoration and repair work to heritage buildings. Talk to your local Heritage New Zealand representative as they may be able to fund this work
  • seismic strengthening work that has already been completed (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for strengthening works which are staged over multiple years and have already begun)
  • buildings that are out of scope under the Building (Earthquake-prone building) Amendment Act 2016 (for example, some residential buildings, farm buildings, retaining walls, fences, some monuments, bridges and tunnels). To find out more about exclusions under this Act, talk to your territorial authority.

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Updated on 13th July 2017