We'll keep building owners informed by listing the latest news and events relating to earthquake strengthening heritage buildings.

Law to save lives in earthquakes takes effect

3 July 2017

New laws requiring the identification and upgrade of earthquake prone buildings come into effect this week. Read the media release on the Beehive website.

First Heritage EQUIP grants allocated

24 March 2017

Two industrial buildings will receive the first funding from a new grant specifically for earthquake strengthening privately-owned heritage buildings. Read the media release on the Beehive website.


Heritage EQUIP fund open for applications

15 December 2016

A new $12 million support fund for earthquake strengthening work on heritage buildings is now open for applications. Read the media release on the Beehive website.


A message from the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

December 2016

Heritage buildings are an important contributor to the economy. They’re the public face of our towns and cities, creating vibrant streetscapes that people want to live and work in and tourists want to visit.

The cost of strengthening heritage buildings is a major hurdle for private owners, especially those living in regions who face extra challenges accessing technical advice, skilled labour and funding sources.

This is why Government is investing $12 million over four years to help private owners with some of the costs to earthquake strengthening their buildings

Heritage EQUIP targets the most critical projects. To be eligible, buildings must be Category 1 historic places on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero anywhere in New Zealand, or Category 2 historic places in medium and high seismic risk areas.

Funding is by way of contestable grants with owners working with local authorities, community groups and philanthropic sources to raise equivalent sums. Funding decisions will be made on the advice of an expert advisory panel.

Heritage EQUIP is an initiative celebrating and supporting New Zealand’s unique built heritage, so future generations can enjoy heritage-rich environments as we and our forebears have done. Coupled with remaining a part of our historic landscape the buildings will also be safer for the people who live and work in them.

I look forward to seeing how building owners respond to the opportunity this new fund presents.

Hon. Maggie Barry

Image credit: Warren and Mahoney / McKee Fehl


Heritage EQUIP a positive step in retention

12 August 2016

Heritage New Zealand says the Government’s new financial support scheme assisting private owners of significant earthquake prone buildings is a positive and important step in ensuring public safety, helping retain special heritage places and boosting regional economies. Read the media release on the Heritage New Zealand website.


$12 million to support quake-prone heritage

12 August 2016

A new fund to help support the retention of New Zealand’s built heritage has been announced by Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Maggie Barry. Read the media release on the Beehive website.


Updated on 13th July 2017