Image courtesy of Win Clark. Disclaimer: Images are for illustrative purposes only. We do not assert that any building shown or part thereof is earthquake-prone. Further we do not guarantee that any building, part thereof or associated work will be eligible for the Heritage EQUIP fund. Information on eligibility is available at Am I eligible.


Parts of masonry break away or entire parapet collapses outwards onto footpath.

Potential structural strengthening project

Holes are cored down vertically into the body of the wall, to well below the support level of the roof. Reinforcing dowels are then grouted into these holes.

Ties are fitted horizontally through the parapet, securing it to the roof and/or a timber deck structure (diaphragm).

Possible first steps with a structural engineer

They assess the structural capacity of the parapet and provide specifications for the vertical dowels and horizontal ties.

Updated on 15th December 2016