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Policy and Sector Performance Group

The Policy and Sector Performance Group provides policy advice to the government on arts, culture, heritage, broadcasting, and sports and recreation issues.  We do this by working on policy proposals, legislation and reviews that are significant to the sector.  We work with other government departments on joint initiatives bringing our cultural expertise to projects.

It includes an international perspective through the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme and liaison with overseas agencies.  Recent projects such as UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and New Zealand’s accession to the Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the event of Armed Conflict shows the diversity of our work. We are also involved in domestic projects such as supporting Christchurch through the Christchurch Recovery Strategy.

We are responsible for ministerial servicing functions such as preparing draft replies to correspondence.

The Ministry also monitors the government’s interest in cultural sector agencies who receive crown funding.  These agencies range from major crown entities such as Creative New Zealand to smaller organisations like the Antarctic Heritage Trust.  Ensuring services and products of funded agencies are of a high quality that meets agreed performance targets, we offer additional support through our governance service.

We provide names for consideration to Crown entity boards.  Details including forwarding names to our nominations database are available in the agency boards and nominations section.  We’ve developed board induction programmes providing best practice support to our family of boards.

We monitor broadcasting agencies that receive government funding and administer parts of the Broadcasting Act 1989.  Our responsibility for local content and public broadcasting complements the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s concern for the radio spectrum and telecommunications.  We manage requests for non-commercial radio broadcasting licenses and liaise with Te Puni Kokiri who deals with Māori broadcasting issues.  The Ministry works with other government agencies enabling co-production film agreements with countries such as South Africa, India and China to be signed. Recent broadcasting projects include the New Zealand Government's Convergence Programme which aims to create a level playing field for content and information, regardless of what type of technology delivers it.

The Policy and Sector Performance Group comprises of four teams: Arts & Media Policy, Heritage Policy, Ministerial Services and Sector Performance.  The group is managed by Karen Adair, Group Manager Policy and Sector Performance.

Updated on 18th October 2017