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Discussion Document: Content Regulation in a Converged World (Aug 2015)

The Discussion Document Content Regulation in a Converged World outlines the Government’s approach to supporting and regulating the production of media content, and invites submissions on a range of options designed to ensure our regulatory and policy settings are fit for purpose and up to date in light of the convergence of previously separate sectors. It’s about  giving our regulatory and policy frameworks a health check.

The document focuses on the impact of convergence in the media sector on the regulation of content. It examines content classification and standards, the alignment of the Broadcasting Act and Electoral Act in relation to election programmes, and advertising restrictions that apply specifically to television and radio, and the policy framework for supporting New Zealand content.

Submissions closed on 16 October 2015 and were published on our website in November 2015.

This document is part of the New Zealand Government convergence programme.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage intends to approach key stakeholders in July/August 2017 to discuss detailed proposals relating to the Digital Convergence Bill.

The Bill is scheduled to have its First Reading and be referred to Select Committee by the end of 2017. It will update the Broadcasting Act 1989. More details are here.

Updated on 5th May 2017