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Press Releases

Oral historians receive nearly $100,000 for New Zealand's stories

2013 Jun 12

Act now on TV recycling and the Targeted Assistance Package

2013 Jun 05

Upper North Going Digital winners are in for a treat

2013 Jun 04

Going Digital is coming to Civic Square

2013 May 30

Lucky Lower North Island competition winners

2013 Apr 29

50 year Anzac Day anniversary for NZ medics in Vietnam

2013 Apr 23

New Zealand understanding of WW1 – a benchmark survey

2013 Apr 10

Life, Love, and War 100 Years Ago Today

2013 Apr 10

South Island residents: make sure you apply for the Going Digital Targeted Assistance Package in time

2013 Mar 22

Almost 150,000 homes could miss out on television by December

2013 Feb 25