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Recent updates

We relaunched this website in December 2023. The old version has had a complete refresh, with a new design and much of the content rewritten and reorganised. The website has been designed to meet New Zealand government digital standards with a focus on accessibility and reorua (bilingual) content. We hope that these changes will make it easier for visitors to find the content they are after, and perhaps explore other topics they find along the way.

Standards & guidance (

Almost every page url has changed from the old version. We have tried to ensure old urls will redirect to the correct page on the new site, but there may be some old links that no longer work. Please email us if you have any problems finding what you are after: [email protected]

Design and illustrations

This website has been designed with accessibility at the forefront. The font used is National 2 by Kris Sowersby. If you require use of our logo or would like a copy of our brand guidelines, please contact us at [email protected]

We collaborated with creative consultancy Ira to create the illustrations on the website. Our statement ‘Ki te puāwai te ahurea, ka ora te iwi – culture is thriving, the people are well’ is the basis for the three designs. Each illustration represents our role in supporting and strengthening the cultural system.

What we are working on

As with all good websites, ours is a continuous work in progress. We will be particularly focused on improving our accessibility, using plain language and increasing the amount of reorua (bilingual) content.

Accessibility improvements

An important shift for us will be to try and ensure all new publications we produce as PDFs are also presented as HTML. We are also planning to provide a webform version of all our downloadable Word forms.

In the future, we hope to explore new ways of making our content accessible, such as providing New Zealand Sign Language versions of some of our key content. See our Accessibility statement for more information.

Accessibility statement

More reorua content

We plan to add a lot more reorua (bilingual) content in the future. Our approach is guided by Te Ara Reo, our Māori Language plan. This plan outlines what we will do to achieve our goal of becoming a bilingual organisation by 2040.

Language statement


We welcome your feedback about this website. Please email us at: [email protected] 

For general queries see our contact page.

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