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Dancers on stage at performing at a street concert

Arts sector

We advise the Government on arts and cultural matters and fund the sector through cultural agencies. We also support sustainable careers in the arts and New Zealand’s cultural profile overseas.
Two-story brick building on corner section

Heritage sector

We support the heritage sector by providing guidance on protecting and conserving national taonga and heritage buildings, through our history websites, and by publishing books on New Zealand’s heritage.
Picture of a film production in a green screen studio. There is one person wearing a motion capture suit being filmed by two camera operators using a dolly.

Broadcasting and media sector

We work with the media and broadcasting sector to ensure its sustainability, manage non-commercial radio licencing, and provide ministerial advice.
Logos of entities we monitor

Governance and monitoring

We fund, monitor and support the governance and performance of organisations that deliver the Government’s arts, culture, heritage, media and sports sector programmes.
Carved Māori pare (lintel) in packing crate

Protected objects

We administer the Protected Objects Act 1975 which regulates the export of protected New Zealand objects including taonga tūturu that whakapapa to Te Ao Māori
Woman in a green top looking at a piece of paper next to her laptop and calculator.

Apply for funding

We support the arts and culture sector to flourish and thrive through a variety of funds and grants.
Flowers, medals and Anzac poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior

Memorials and commemorations

Find out about the many national monuments and graves (war and historic) we care for including the National War Memorial at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park
The New Zealand flag flying in front of a pōhutukawa tree

Flags, anthems and emblems

We provide guidance on the correct use of the New Zealand Flag, the New Zealand Coat of Arms, and the word ‘Royal’ to comply with the Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981.