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Movies set with camera on rails filming and actor against a green screent

New Zealand Screen Production Rebate

The New Zealand Screen Production Rebate supports a sustainable and resilient domestic screen industry, encourages international projects to locate in New Zealand, and provides economic, industry development and cultural benefits
A phone in a persons hand. The phone is open on a news application.

Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill

The New Zealand Parliament is considering legislation to compensate news publishers for the value of their news content made available by digital platforms online
A camera on a tripod with a microphone attached in the foreground. There are people seated out of focus in the background.

Strong Public Media

The Strong Public Media Programme supported the creation of a new public media entity by disestablishing and merging Television New Zealand and Radio New Zealand. In 2023, the Government decided not to progress the new entity.
Person wearing headphones sitting in front of a radio microphone on a stand. There is a computer screen visible in background.

Community radio broadcasting licences

As the agency responsible for the Broadcasting Act 1989, we allocate and monitor community (non-commercial) radio broadcasting licences, also known as community licences.