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Dilapidated old two-storey building on corner section

Built heritage support

Find out whether your building is earthquake prone, how you can get financial support to strengthen it and guidance for carrying out the work.
a stack of books on a table in a library.

History resources

Our historical research and publishing services, including our websites, our history podcasts, books and educational resources, help the peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand reconcile their past and tell their culture and heritage stories.

Picture of a group of people walking into the Auckland Town Hall. They are wearing 'ei katu (Cook Island wreath) made of leaves on thier head. To each side of them are members of the media holding cameras.

Dawn Raids platform of stories

We are developing an online platform to support the telling of Pacific people’s historical stories, including the Dawn Raids. We expect the platform to be available in 2024.

Artwork showing a waka floating in front of an island. A large sun decorated with koru is rising behind the island.

Te Rauparaha: Kei Wareware project

This five-part podcast series tells the story of the life and times of Ngāti Toa leader Te Rauparaha, a compelling figure in the history of Aotearoa New Zealand.