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Media release —
Two vistors standing in front of a large painting at a gallery

"I am delighted to announce that we have appointed Copyright Licensing New Zealand as the collection agency for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Artist Resale Royalty Scheme," said Leauanae Laulu Mac Leauanae, Tumu Whakarae Secretary and Chief Executive Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

The Artist Resale Royalty Scheme will ensure that creators of visual art are recognised and remunerated when their work is resold on the secondary art market. Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) has been appointed to collect, manage and distribute royalties for the Scheme.

"The implementation of the Scheme is a major step in acknowledging the incredible work our visual artists make. It recognises the effort, time and expertise that goes into creating art.

"CLNZ has the skills, knowledge and relationships to implement a successful and sustainable royalty scheme for our visual artists. I am honoured to hand over the mantle to CLNZ’s Chief Executive Sam, and his team, who I know will continue to put artists first.

"It was crucial to the Ministry that the collection agency for the scheme has strong relationships with artists and their estates. CLNZ holds these relationships with care and mana, which I believe will ultimately result in a fantastic scheme for our visual artists."

Manatū Taonga and CLNZ have worked together to agree the outcomes, services, reporting, monitoring and payment schedules for the collection agency under the scheme.

"The Agreement has been developed with great care. As an experienced Copyright and collection agency, we are confident that we will deliver the scheme of ongoing financial reward to artists," said Sam Irvine, Mana Whakahaere Chief Executive CLNZ.

"The Intellectual Property system exists to both protect and reward the creativity and imagination of artists. If we neglect that protection and reward, then society will slowly run out of both new ideas and soul.

"Revered artist Ralph Hotere once said: "it is the work…the work must speak for itself". The work can speak to all those who see it, but up to now financial reward for artwork only speaks to the creator once - when it is sold for the first time.

"With the establishment of an Artist Resale Royalty Scheme in Aotearoa, now as an artwork passes through the market, it can speak back to the artist whose imagination and craft created it in the first place.

"I’m excited to get underway with implementing the Scheme, and therefore making a real difference to how we recognise our visual artists."

CLNZ will be engaging with the sector over the coming months on the operating details of the Scheme to prepare for the 1 December 2024 launch.

The Scheme also meets New Zealand’s obligations under the Free Trade Agreements with the United Kingdom and European Union. To align more closely to the NZ-UK FTA, the minimum sales threshold for the scheme has been increased to $2,000NZD.