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The sacred hill

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is the national place for New Zealanders to remember and reflect on this country’s experience of war, military conflict and peacekeeping, and how that experience shapes our ideals.

The park opened in time for Anzac Day 2015. It was the Government’s key project to acknowledge the centenary of the First World War. The park is also a place for memorials from countries with which New Zealand has a shared military heritage.

The National War Memorial

National War Memorial building closed for work
The National War Memorial Building and Carillon tower are currently closed, except for commemorations and ceremonies, while we seismically strengthen the Carillon Tower. The rest of Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is open.

The Carillon Tower

The Saint Lazarus Memorial Organ

The Hall of Memories

Tomb of the Unknown Warrior

The Man with the Donkey

Memorials and historic sites within the park

Surrounding the National War Memorial, Pukeahu Park contains historic sites, memorials from other countries, and public space you can visit any time.

A view from the top of the Carillon tower looking out over Pukeahu park and Wellington on Armistice Day. There is a large group of people on the lawn and on the steps of the Memorial.
Photo: Aerial view of Pukeahu, Armistice Day 2018, Mark Tantrum, Elias Rodriguez

Taranaki Street to Tory Street
(Western terraces)

The following memorials can be found in the part of the park in front of the National War Memorial.

Ngā Tapuwae o te Kāhui Maunga
The Footsteps of the Ancestors


The Australian memorial

The Turkish memorial

The United Kingdom memorial

The French memorial
Le Calligramme

View of the National War Memorial split down the middle, one half is of the memorial in the 1900s, the other side is of the memorial today.
Photo: Pukeahu then and now, Wellington City Council

Tory Street to Cambridge Terrace
(Eastern terraces)

The following memorials can be found on the other side of Tory Street
towards Cambridge Terrace.

The Belgian Memorial
Te Rau Puapua Whakamaumaharatanga
(Laurel Memorial Wreath)

The Pacific Islands memorial
Te Reo Hotunui o Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa
(The deep sigh of the Pacific)

The United States of America memorial

Queen Elizabeth II Pukeahu Education Centre

1918 Influenza Pandemic Memorial Plaque

The landscape of Pukeahu

Pōhutukawa at Pukeahu

Other significant sites near the park

Arras tunnel

Parihaka memorial

Dominion Museum

General Headquarters building

Mount Cook Police Station