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The Ministry publishes public notices calling for claims of ownership of taonga tūturu. Claims should be lodged with the Ministry within 60 working days of the public notice being published.

Pursuant to section 11 of the Protected Objects Act 1975, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has been notified of the finding of the following taonga tūturu:


Case ref: 2023-39
Opito Bay, Coromandel

  • Z22611 Hōanga (worked sandstone)


Case ref: 2023-01
Rothwell Lane, Whatawhata

  • Z22317-Z22320 Muka (woven harakeke fibres)

Case ref: 2023-36
Lake Te Koo Utu, Cambridge

  • Z22602 Toki (unidentified stone adze)
  • Z22603 Toki (unidentified stone adze)

Case ref: 2022-19
Laurent Rd, Cambridge

  • Z22129 Autoru (kōkōwai Ignimbrite cobble grinder)
  • Z22130 Toki whatuaho
  • Z22131 Toki whatuaho
    Swayne Rd, Cambridge
  • Z22132 Toki whatuaho

Case ref: 2022-28
Waipa River Ride Cycleway, Waipa District

  • Z21805 Matā tūhua (obsidian flake)
  • Z22142-Z22146 Matā tūhua (obsidian flake)

Case ref: 2022-39
Lake Mangakawere, Waikato

  • Z22155 Arohata (wooden ladder section)
  • Z22156 Waka (wooden section of vessel)
  • Z22157 Kō (burnt wooden cultivation tool)
  • Z22158 Rākau (unidentified adzed wood section)
  • Z22159 Rākau (unidentified waterlogged wood section)
  • Z22160 Poupou (Taraire adzed post section)
  • Z22161 Aka tokai (Rata vine lashing)
  • Z22162 Rapa (waterlogged wooden cultivation tool)
  • Z22163 Kō (waterlogged wooden cultivation tool)
  • Z22164 Patu aruhe (waterlogged wooden fernroot beater)
  • Z22165 Rākau (Pukatea waterlogged shaped wood)
  • Z22166 Rākau (unidentified waterlogged shaped wood)

Case ref: 2022-42
Te Rahu Rd, Te Awamutu

  • Z22231-Z22232 Patu muka (harakeke fibre beater)
  • Z22233 Toki whatuaho
  • Z22234 Toki pakohe
  • Z22235 Toki whatuaho

Bay of Plenty

Case ref: 2023-08
Ongare Point Rd, Tahawai

  • Z22329 Toki kōhatu (stone adze)

Claims for ownership

Claims for ownership of the taonga tūturu are to be lodged with the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Claimants have until 7 March 2024 to lodge a claim. More information can be obtained from the Ministry by quoting the case reference.

Alex Clarke-Rÿk
For Chief Executive
Ministry for Culture and Heritage 
PO Box 5364, Wellington 
ph. (04) 499 4229