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The Ministry publishes public notices calling for claims of ownership of taonga tūturu. Claims should be lodged with the Ministry within 60 working days of the public notice being published.

Pursuant to section 11 of the Protected Objects Act 1975, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has been notified of the finding of the following taonga tūturu.

Hauāuru/Taranaki – Whanganui

Case ref: 2021-05

Rapanui (Mokau), Taranaki

  • Z21624-641 Assemblage of Rākau (worked wood)
  • Z21642-649 Assemblage of lithic taonga

Case ref: 2022-17

Tongapōrutu, Taranaki

  • Z22124 Kō (End part of digging stick/hoe)

Case ref: 2022-25

Pakokomiko Pā, Ōkaiawa

  • Z22138-139 Toki pakohe (Argillite adze)

Case ref: 2022-33

Tapuae, New Plymouth

  • Z22152-253 Māhē (Sinker)

Case ref: 2022-34

Pungarehu, New Plymouth

  • Z22246 Toki pakohe (Argillite adze)

Case ref: 2022-54

Tongapōrutu, Northern Taranaki

  • Z22225-230 Rākau (Unidentified worked wood)

Case ref: 2022-67

Werawerainga Road, Mangawhio

  • Z22255 Toki (Unidentified stone adze)
  • Z22256 Toki pakohe (Argillite adze)
  • Z22257 Toki whatuaho (Greywacke adze)
  • Z22259 Whatuaho (Greywacke worked stone)
  • Z22260 Matā tūhua (Obsidian flake)

Case ref: 2023-34

Mōhakatino Rd, Mokau/Mōhakatino

  • Z22559-560 Aka tokai (Vine Lashing)
  • Z22561-562 Rākau (Worked wood)

Case ref: 2023-37

Epiha Rd, Turangi H Site, Taranaki

  • Z22604 Māhē kōkawa (Andesite sinker)

Case ref: 2023-43

Tongaporutu Station/Twin Creeks area, Tongaporutu

  • Z22858 Māhē kōkawa (Andesite sinker)
  • Z22859 Toki pakohe (Argillite adze)

Case ref: 2023-45

Patea River, Kuranui Pā

  • Z22861 Waka rākau (Wooden canoe)

Case ref: 2023-56

Lower Weld Road Carpark, Weld Beach, Tataraimaka

  • Z22872-873 Māhē kōkawa (Andesite sinker)

Case ref: 2023-63

Rapanui (Mokau), Taranaki

  • Z23088-089 Māhē (Sinker)

Case ref: 2024-02

Mamaku Rd (close to Mamaku Pā), Waitara

  • Z23109 Māhē kōhatu (Stone sinker)

Te Moana O Raukawa/Wellington – Manawatū

Case ref: 2023-32

Waikane, Kapiti Coast

  • Z22563-600 Assemblage of taonga tūturu

Case ref: 2023-47

Trelissick Park near Wightwicks field, Ngaio

  • Z22863 Pounamu (Worked Greenstone)

Claims for ownership of the taonga tūturu are to be lodged with the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Claimants have until 20 June 2024 to lodge a claim. More information can be obtained from the Ministry by quoting the case reference.

Alex Clarke-Rÿk, For Chief Executive Ministry for Culture and Heritage, PO Box 5364, Wellington ph. (04) 499 4229.