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Budget 2023 focuses on cost-of-living as well as the cyclone and flooding recovery. The Government has taken a balanced approach that reduces spending while also delivering core services.

More than $75 million is made available through Budget 2023 so that the cultural sector is supported to be sustainable and resilient, and to celebrate and recognise te ao Māori.

The following three factsheets can be read on this page or downloaded as PDF files.

Enabling a thriving cultural sector


To support the cultural sector so that it is fit for purpose, adaptive and enduring.
The Government’s approach for Budget 2023 is to further invest in the Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio to encourage continued resilience and sustainability in the sectors, help lift incomes of arts, culture and heritage practitioners, and enable sustainable careers so that the cultural sectors thrive.


Budget 2023 makes available more than $24 million for initiatives that will support a resilient and sustainable cultural sector, by investing in programme delivery and addressing critical cost pressures.

Support includes:

  • $0.954 million (over four years) for the implementation of the Aotearoa Artist Resale Royalty Scheme, which will enable eligible visual artists to claim a 5% royalty each time their artwork sells on the secondary art market.
  • $20.600 million (for 2022/2023) to fund eligible New Zealand productions that are provisionally approved for the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, which will support New Zealand’s high-performing domestic screen production sector.
  • $2.000 million (for 2023/2024) for the final pilot year of the Creative Careers programme which will enable participants to have sustainable careers, increased income, and overall improved satisfaction in their creative profession.
  • $0.950 million (for 2022/2023) to Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga to meet additional demands relating to the early 2023 North Island Weather Events, in particular for archaeological authority processes.

Celebrating and recognising Te Ao Māori


To celebrate and recognise the importance of te ao Māori 
The Government’s approach for Budget 2023 recognises the importance of Māori culture to Aotearoa New Zealand. It fosters and enables opportunities for Māori cultural activities and events that all New Zealanders can access and participate in. This investment focuses on culture that is inclusive, and celebrates te ao Māori.


Budget 2023 makes available more than $50 million to acknowledge Aotearoa’s unique identity, including funding for Te Matatini and Te kāhui o Matariki.

Support includes:

  • $18.000 million (over four years) for iwi-based events and resources that support whanau, hapu and iwi to grow and lead their practices and customs relating to te kāhui o Matariki/Matariki Public Holiday. It also provides funding to build broader public awareness and understanding of Matariki and Te kāhui o Matariki at a national level.  
  • $34.048 million (over two years) to Te Matatini, to fund stimulation and sustainable growth of kapa haka in Aotearoa. This funding for Te Matatini will enable it to establish a regional operating model and deliver funding through rohe societies. This will enable funding to be delivered by an iwi-led organisation, in a way that aligns with a te ao Māori approach and supports Māori to retain rangatiratanga over taonga Māori.

Government investment in the cultural sector 2020-2023

Budget 2020 (April)$374 million made available via the Cultural Recovery Package (CRP) [1]
$50 million via the Media Sector Support Package [2]
$122.6 million for other initiatives [3]
February 2021$55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund (from the COVID Response and Recovery Fund) [4]
Budget 2021 (May)$10.57 million [5]
August 2021Reprioritisation of $37.5 million from CRP in response to the introduction of the COVID Protection Framework [6]
January 2022$121 million made available (from the COVID Response and Recovery Fund) to extend support for ACH organisations impacted by the COVID Protection Framework [7]
Budget 2022 (May)$195.5 million (Excludes funding for the Stronger Public Media Programme) [8]
December 2022Reprioritisation of $25 million (from CRP) to Creative NZ [9] and the Waitangi National Trust Board [10] to support against the long-term impacts of COVID-19
March 2023$117.8 million funding over four years for Radio New Zealand and New Zealand On Air (from funding originally provided to support the Stronger Public Media initiative) [11]
Budget 2023 (May)$24.5 million – Supporting a resilient and sustainable cultural sector
$52 million – Celebrating and recognising Te Ao Māori


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