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A theme-based approach

From 2014 to 2022, anniversaries were categorised as Tier 1 or Tier 2.  Tier 1 (major) anniversaries related to events whose impact was felt throughout the nation or changed New Zealand significantly. Tier 2 (other) anniversaries were of national significance but had less impact on New Zealand society.  

Refreshed in 2022, the New Zealand Government’s policy on the commemoration of historical anniversaries takes a theme-based approach to tell connected stories across multiple anniversaries. Themes on the commemoration calendar may include anniversaries within a single year or across multiple years.

2023–2027 calendar 

Here is a list of the government commemorations from 2023 to 2027 grouped under five themes.

Te whakahaumaru i te pāpori ׀ Creating a social safety net

  • 125th of old-age pension (2023) 
  • 50th of Domestic Purposes Benefit (2023) 
  • 50th of establishment of Accident Compensation Corporation (2024)  

Te ahurea tuakiri o Aotearoa ׀ Cultural identity 

  • 125th anniversary of first movie shot in New Zealand (2023) 
  • 75th of first wholly New Zealand-produced record, Blue Smoke (2024) 
  • 50th of first novel by Māori author, Tangi (2023) 

First movie shot in New Zealand (NZHistory)

Mana Māori Motuhake ׀ Māori rights and representation

  • 50th of Māori Land March (2025) 
  • 50th of establishment of Waitangi Tribunal (2025) 
  • 50th of Māori electoral option (2025) 

Te hononga ki te Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa ׀ New Zealand and the Pacific

  • 50th of New Zealand protests against French nuclear testing in the Pacific (2023) 
  • 50th of start of dawn raids on Pacific peoples (2024) 
  • 50th of Niue self-government (2024) 
  • 125th of Cook Islands and Niue becoming part of the New Zealand Realm (2026) 
  • 100th of New Zealand administration of Tokelau (2026) 

Ngā tohu ā-motu ׀ National symbols

  • 125th of adoption of New Zealand flag (2027)
  • 50th of recognition of “God Defend New Zealand” as official anthem (2027)
  • 150th of the national anthem’s translation into te reo Māori (2028)
  • 50th of New Zealand Citizenship Act (2028)

Other anniversaries 2023–2027


100th of New Zealand’s claim to Ross Dependency


75th of New Zealand’s involvement in the Korean War

75th of Commonwealth sporting event in Auckland


125th of establishment of world’s first government Tourist Department

100th of establishment of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

75th of 1951 waterfront dispute


150th of Education Act

125th of the sinking of SS Ventnor 

50th of Bastion Point occupation 

50th of Human Rights Commission Act