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Whiria Te Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2023

Applications received: 77
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $108,200

Recipient NameDescriptionAmount
Whina Te WhiuTe Toi Ora o Waimirirangi Reviving Moko Mataora kanohi$12,000
Karen WrigglesworthBlooming Impossible: A life of ‘iris lady’ Jean Stevens$12,000
Jennifer AshtonAmbassadors of the East: The Wreck of the Endeavour in Dusky Sound and Aotearoa New Zealand’s Early Connection to Asia$8,700
Jane MalthusThe Visionary World of Eden Hore$10,000
Chris CochranWoolsheds of the Wairarapa - An Architect’s Appreciation of a New Zealand Vernacular$11,500
Annabel CooperThe Haywards: A Portrait of an Entertaining Family$12,000
Samuel DayTaking Action Against Institutional Racism: The History of the Auckland Committee On Racism and Discrimination$12,000
Mark DerbySon of Satan or Prophet of Peace? – Hakaraia Mahika and the Tauranga Wars$12,000
Pamela WoodSymptoms of Settlement: Health and Sickness in New Zealand Settlers’ Lives$8,000
Antonella Sarti EvansThe Cultural Benefits of New Zealand and Italian connections through Italian immigration to Aotearoa from the 1950s to date$10,000

Whiria Te Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2022

Applications received: 63
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $104,800

Recipient NameDescriptionAmount
Jeff EvansNgā Tokimatawhaorua - the biography of a waka taua$9,200
Alida Shanks“We just wanted to play”: Exploring the history of women in football in Aotearoa New Zealand$12,000
Paul WhiteTe Iringa-a-Tūpoto; a hapū history$12,000
Joanna Boileau and André TaberHistory of Chinese Restaurants in Aotearoa$12,000
Elle Loui AugustMargery Blackman Legacy Project$11,600
Rebecca LenihanColonists in Uniform$12,000
Gareth ShuteSongs From The Shaky Isles$12,000
Susan MartinA dangerous time to be disabled: Intellectual disability in New Zealand from the 1950s to the 2000s - a story of two brothers$12,000
Mark FormanTony Fomison: A Biography$12,000

Whiria Te Mahara New Zealand History Grants 2021

Applications received: 91
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded : $106,000

Recipient nameDescriptionAmounth
Bolin HuCaught In-Between: Chinese in New Zealand, New Zealanders in China and the War in Asia, 1931–1949$12,000
Jade KakeRewi Thompson$12,000
Hamish McDougallStaying Alive: New Zealand, Britain and European integration, 1960-85$12,000
Diana MorrowRuth Dallas: A Life$10,000
Ōtorohanga Historical SocietyInformation text panels for Ōtorohanga Museum$12,000
Roger ShepherdGreat Sounds Great: Journeys Through the Music of Flying Nun Records$12,000
John WalshNobody’s Soldier: Gerald Melling, architect and writer$12,000
Ross Webb'In Defence of Living Standards': The Federation of Labour, Politics, and Economic Crisis, 1975-1987$12,000
Mere WhaangaA cultural map of Pāparatu Station$12,000

Awards in History for 2020/21

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $100,500

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Sarah JohnstonNew Zealand radio 1939-1945: war, listening and national identity$12,000
Louise Kewene-DoigIt’s a Māori Melody: A selection of Māori music experiences of the 1960s explored through the Māori Showband movement$12,000
Felicity Goodyear-SmithAuckland Medical Aid: establishment and ongoing provision of abortion services for New Zealand women$6,500
Jared DavidsonBlood and Dirt: Prison Labour and the Making of New Zealand$12,000
Anne ElseAdoption and related issues since 1991$10,000
Jacqueline LeckieThere is no depression in New Zealand$12,000
Lissa MitchellIn the Dark: women and New Zealand photography to 1960$12,000
Fiona McKergowColonial Textile Culture in Mid-Nineteenth Century Aotearoa New Zealand$12,000
Marinus La Rooij“The Jews are to Blame!” Arthur Nelson Field, antisemitism and the myth of the Jewish World Conspiracy in inter-war New Zealand$12,000

Awards in History for 2020

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 8
Amount awarded : $96,000

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Ellen AndersonMatangireia - Centenary History of the First Māori Affairs Committee Room in Parliament$12,000
Rachel BuchananTe Motunui Epa: on the trail of a globetrotting taonga$12,000
Matthew CunninghamVanguard: A history of the far right in New Zealand$12,000
Mark DerbyBattlefield Surgeon: NZ Medical Pioneer Doug Jolly$12,000
Pania Te WhaitiKōrero: The diaries of Iraia te Ama o te Rangi Te Whaiti 1890-1918$12,000
Elizabeth WardFor Light and Liberty: A History of the Reform Party$12,000
Monica WebbNo Half Measure: The Political World of Lady Anna Stout$12,000
Jonathan WestMirrors on the Land: Histories of New Zealand$12,000

Awards in History for 2019

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $106,025

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Nick BollingerRevolutions per minute: the counterculture in New Zealand$12,000
Helen BonesThe evolution of the Tasman writing world in the twentieth century$12,000
Ross CalmanHe pukapuka tātaku i ngā mahi a Te Rauparaha nui/A record of the life of the great Te Rauparaha: A bilingual edition of Tāmihana Te Rauparaha's Life of Te Rauparaha$12,000
John CooksonLittle republics: county and municipal government in New Zealand to 1940$9345
Rosi CraneSkeletons in the attic: a history of the Otago Museum$4230
Victoria FroudeLargely unseen; a history of New Zealand's marine environments from pre-human times to today$11,950
Nadia GushAbout? A social history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer women in Aotearoa New Zealand during the 1980s$12,000
Catherine KnightThe long shadow of reform: The impacts of the 1980s public sector reforms on environmental stewardship in New Zealand$12,000
Rebecca MacfieThe life and times of Helen Kelly$8500
Vincent O'MalleyThe New Zealand wars$12,000

Awards in History for 2018

Applications received: 44
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $100,250

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Ryan BodmanRugby league: a New Zealand history$12,000
Morgan GodferyDissent: a New Zealand anthology$10,000
David GrantThe seditionists and their heritage: a tale of two world wars$10,000
Jennifer S. KainInsanity and immigration control in New Zealand and Australia$7200
Angela LassigA visual history of New Zealand dress$12,000
Margaret Lovell-Smith and Daniel BartlettVoices against war: pacifists, conscientious objectors, and their supporters in World War One Canterbury$10,000
Keith NewmanHidden heritage of the Cape Coast$12,000
Hazel PetrieImmigrant city: how seven generations have shaped Auckland$12,000
Aleisha WardJazzy nerves, aching feet, and foxtrots: the Jazz Age in New Zealand$12,000
Peter WilkinsRipapa: an island in time; Godley Head: they also served who only stood and waited$3050

Awards in History for 2017

Applications received: 67
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $121,750

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Peter ClayworthThe unsuppressible one: a biography of Patrick Hodgens Hickey$12,000
Aaron FoxBrigadier James Hargest: a biography$12,000
Michael Kelly and Ben SchraderWon and lost: saving New Zealand's built heritage 1885-2016$12,000
John E. MartinA colonial's gaze: Charles Rooking Carter$12,000
Jane McCabeKalimpong kids: the New Zealand story$5,000
Hilary and John MitchellIsaac Coates, portrait artist, and his Māori subjects$12,000
Diana MorrowPerfecting paradise: the Edgers and the world's social laboratory$12,000
Geoff NormanBirdstories$12,000
Marianne SchultzThe history of Limbs Dance Company$12,000
David WelchThe Port Hills of Canterbury and the story of the Lyttelton Railway Tunnel$8,750
Matthew WrightWaitangi: a living treaty$12,000

Awards in History for 2016

Applications received: 43
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $122,300

Recipient nameDescriptionAmount
Jennifer AshtonThe Histories of Charlotte Badger$9,500
Rosemary BairdStories from the Manapouri Hydro Project$11,500
Catherine BishopCommerce was a Woman$12,000
Mark DerbyMautini, the Hidden History of Mt Eden Prison$12,000
Basil KeaneThe Māori Parliament, Kotahitanga from 1892-1902$12,000
Carol MarkwellBlanche Baughan, a biography$12,000
Peter MesenhoellerHistoric landscapes and differing perceptions: Ernst Dieffenbach's album;Sketches and Views from New Zealand 1841$8,500
Philip NormanHistory of composition in New Zealand$12,000
Ken RossNew Zealand prime ministerial diplomacy since 1945$12,000
Lucy TreepBiography of Maurice Shadbolt$10,762
Georgina WhiteThe delusions of Dr Felkin$10,110

Awards in History for 2015

Applications received: 67
Awards made: 6
Amount awarded: $118,000

The successful applicants for 2015 are:

Major award: Redmer Yska, Katherine Mansfield’s formative Wellington years - $60,000

Other awards:

  • Elizabeth Caffin, A history of book publishing in New Zealand, $12,000
  • Peter Franks, Centennial history of the New Zealand Labour Party, $12,000
  • Roger Horrocks, The evolution of the arts in New Zealand, $10,000
  • Catherine Knight, An environmental history of rivers in New Zealand, $12,000 and
  • Jane Tolerton, New Zealand Women in the First World War, also $12,000.

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made four publishers grants totalling $20,000 to:

  • Auckland University Press, for Tony Ballantyne, Missionaries, Māori and the Entanglements of Empire, $5,000
  • Auckland University Press, for Hazel Petrie, Outcasts of the Gods: ­Slavery and Freedom in New Zealand, $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Vincent O’Malley, The Waikato War, $5,000 and
  • Penguin Books, for Ron Crosby, Kūpapa: The Bitter Legacy of Māori Alliances with the Crown, $5,000.

Awards in History for 2014

Applications received: 68
Awards made: 7
Amount awarded: $125,946

The successful applicants for 2014 are:

Major award: Robert Peden, Crinoline skirts and nailed boots: women on the pastoral frontier in nineteenth century New Zealand – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Helen Beaglehole, A history of the Marlborough Sounds – $12,000
  • Kirby-Jane Hallum, The New Zealand New Woman : feminism and empire, 1880-1920 - $10,796
  • Roberta McIntyre, 'All this is shrouded in mystery' : a history of William Barnard Rhodes and Mary Ann, his Māori daughter and heiress - $12,000
  • John Reid, A Social and cultural history of Pacific Films - $12,000
  • Natalie Smith, From the margin to the centre, transforming the home sewer into a fashion star : the history of the Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1964-1998 - $10,500
  • Jonathan West, The Otago Peninsula : an environmental history, - $8650

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made three publisher grants, amounting to $20,000:

  • Bridget Williams Books, for Atholl Anderson et al, 'Tangata Whenua : an illustrated history' - $10,000
  • Penguin Books, for Christopher Pugsley's Fighting for New Zealand : the Second NZ Division at War' - $5.000
  • Victoria University Press, for Stephen Loveridge's 'Call to arms : New Zealand society and commitment to the Grear War' - $5,000.

Awards in History for 2013

Applications received: 52
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $150,000

The successful applicants for 2013 are:

Major award: Ron Crosby, Kūpapa : Iwi loyal to the Crown – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Te Awhina Arahanga, History of Fish and Chips – $10,000 – Auckland
  • Manuhuia Barcham, The First Māori Renaissance – $12,000 – Palmerston North
  • Andrew Francis, ‘A Serious Menace to the Community?’: Internment in New Zealand during the Great War – $6,000 – Wellington
  • Steven Loveridge, ‘Sentimental Equipment’: New Zealand, the Great War and Cultural Mobilisation – $6,000 – Wellington
  • New Zealand Red Cross, History of the NZ Red Cross – $12,000 – Wellington
  • Ngati Awa Research and Archives Trust, Mataatua Wharenui: Mataatua, the House that came home – $12,000 – Whakatane (/ Otago for subject)
  • Vincent O’Sullivan, The Questing Mind, the Public Good: A Life of Robin Williams – $10,000 – Dunedin (/Wellington for subject)
  • Rebecca Priestley, The Awa Book of Antarctic Science – $6,000 – Wellington
  • Georgina White, The Forerunners – $10,000 – Wellington
  • Matthew Wright, Coal – From Hero to Zero: the Kiwi Social History – $6,000 – Wellington.

The New Zealand History Research Trust Fund also made five publisher grants, amounting to $25,000:

  • Auckland University Press, for Gerald Hensley’s ‘Friendly Fire: Nuclear Politics and the Collapse of ANZUS, 1984-1987 – $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Barbara Brookes’ ‘History of New Zealand Women’ – $5,000
  • Bridget Williams Books, for Melissa Matutina Williams’ ‘Back Home and Home in the City’ – $5,000
  • Otago University Press, for Jude Wilson’s ‘The Flying Kiwis: A History of the OE’ – $5,000
  • Penguin Books, for Tom Brookings’ ‘The People’s Servant: A Biography of Richard John Seddon’ – $5,000.

Awards in History for 2012

Applications received: 64
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $147,500
The successful applicants for 2012 are:

Major award: Chris Maclean and Shaun Barnett, ‘Wanderlust: a history of tramping in New Zealand’ – $60,000

Other awards:

  • Jarrod Gilbert, ‘The history of gangs in New Zealand’ – $7500
  • A biography of Norman Kirk’ – $12,000
  • Catherine Knight, ‘Forested hinterland to pastoral province: the environmental transformation of the Manawatu’ – $12,000
  • Susann Liebich, ‘Reading culture and community in Timaru, 1890-1939’ – $10,000
  • Angela Middleton, ‘Mission life in the Bay of Islands, 1814-1840’ – $12,000
  • Margaret Pointer, ‘Niue, 1774-1974: 200 years of contact, interaction and change’ – $10,000
  • David Veart, ‘Hello girls and boys: the New Zealand toy story’ – $12,000
  • John Wilson, ‘Lost Christchurch’ – $12,000

The New Zealand History Trust Fund also made five publishers grants, amounting to $24,000.

  • Bernard Cadogan, 'George Grey' (Penguin) -$5000
  • Alison Clarke, 'Meeting little strangers : childbirth in nineteenth-century New Zealand' (Bridget Williams Books) - $5000
  • Cybele Locke, 'Workers in the margins : union radicals in post-war New Zealand' (Bridget Williams Books) - $5000
  • Vincent O'Malley, 'The meeting place : Māori and Pakeha encounters 1642-1840' (Auckland University Press) - $5000
  • Rebecca Priestley, 'Nuclear NZ : New Zealand's nuclear and radiation history to 1987' (Auckland University Press) - $4000

Awards in History for 2011

Applications received: 66
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $150,000
The successful applicants for 2011 are:

Major award: Brian Easton, ‘Not in Narrow Seas: A History of New Zealand from an Economic Perspective’ - $60,000

Other awards:


The successful applicants for 2011 are:

  • Charles Clark, ‘Waves Against the Shore: A Maritime History of the New Zealand Wars’ - $4000
  • Paul Diamond, ‘A Biography of Charles Mackay’ - $8000
  • Sarah Gallagher, ‘My Flat, Your Flat, Our Place: Preserving an Ephemeral Print Culture’ - $8000
  • Penny Griffith, ‘In Her Own Right: A Biography of Millicent Baxter’ - $12,000
  • Gerald Hensley, ‘Friendly Fire: A History of the ANZUS Dispute’ - $12,000
  • Fiona McKergow and Kerry Taylor, ‘Te Hao Nui - The Great Catch: Object Stories from Te Manawa’ - $12,000
  • Bill Morris, ‘Whaling Nation’ - $10,000
  • Rebecca Priestley, ‘New Zealand’s Nuclear History to 1987’ - $12,000
  • Keith Scott, ‘“Dear Dot …”: Extraordinary Tales, Ordinary Lives: The Story of the Children’s Column of the Otago Witness, 1876-1936’ - $12,000

Awards in History for 2010

Applications received: 81
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Helen Beaglehole, Rural fire-fighting in New Zealand - $8000
  • Trevor Bentley, Tribal guns, tribal gunners: New Zealand's lost age of Māori artillery - $5000
  • David Colquhoun, The Royal Tour of 1920 - $10,000
  • Stevan Eldred-Grigg, The Great Wrong War: a social history of New Zealanders during the First World War - $10,000
  • Ian Grant, Deadlines: New Zealand newspapers from 1840 to 2010 - $5000
  • Andrew Gregg & Stephanie Rowe, A life of Leonard Cockayne - $5000
  • Malcolm McKinnon, A history of the depression of the 1930s in New Zealand - $12,00
  • Vincent O'Malley, Cultural encounter on the New Zealand frontier: the meeting of Māori and Pakeha, 1769-1840 - $10,000
  • Gwen Parsons, Turning soldiers into 'Useful citizens and Wage-Earners': Great War veterans and repatriation, 1918-1928 - $8000
  • Russell Stone, Growing up in Grey Lynn: a memoir of interwar Auckland - $5000
  • Oliver Sutherland, Paikea: the life and times of Ivan L.G. Sutherland - $10,000
  • Jill Trevelyan, A history of the Peter McLeavey Gallery - $12,000


Awards in History for 2009

Applications received: 81
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $100,000

The successful applicants for 2009 are:

  • John Armstrong, ‘Under one roof’: a history of Waikato Hospital – $10,000
  • Ian Dougherty, A biography of Rutherford Waddell – $12,000
  • David Harrowfield, ‘Call of the mountains’: a history of New Zealand mountaineering – $12,000
  • Paul Meredith, ‘Homeward bound’: a journey with King Te Rata to England – $8000
  • Hilary & John Mitchell, ‘Nga Tupuna Tuturu’: the founding ancestors – $6000
  • Paul Monin, Māori ships 1840–70: a case study of Māori engagement with colonial capitalism – $8000
  • Bill O’Brien, ‘Takahe, trophies and tonsils’: the extraordinary life of Dr Geoffrey Orbell – $8000
  • Russell Standing, ‘The works’: a history of Patea Freezing Company, 1883–1982 – $12,000
  • Nancy Swarbrick, ‘Pets and people’: a history of companion animals and their owners in New Zealand – $12,000
  • Redmer Yska, ‘Thunderer’: the rise and fall of NZ Truth, New Zealand’s first press giant – $12,000

Awards in History for 2008

Applications received:79
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $100,000

The successful applicants for 2008 are:

  • Diana Brown, A Biography of Dr Muriel Bell – $8000
  • Alison Clarke, Childbirth Rituals in 19th Century New Zealand – $10,000
  • Neil Clayton, Over the Hedge: A History of New Zealanders and their Weeds – $10,000
  • William Cottrell, ‘New New Zealand’: Domestic Interiors and Products 1840 to 1910 – $10,000
  • Joseph Romanos, Our Olympic Century: New Zealand’s First 100 Years at the Olympic Games – $25,000
  • Suzanne Scheele, An Economic and Social History of the New Zealand Flax Fibre Industry – $6500
  • Tim Shoebridge, The Good Citizen: A Life of C.E. Daniell – $4000
  • Lynette Shum, Representing Chinatown: Wellington’s Haining Street 1920–60 – $5000
  • Jude Wilson, Flight of the Kiwi: The History of the ‘OE’ – $10,000
  • Bernard Wood, Maori Rugby League 1908–2007 – $5500
  • Matthew Wright, Old South: A History of the South Island to 1890 – $6000

Awards in History for 2007

Applications received: 64
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Jennifer Carlyon & Diana Morrow, ‘A History of Freeman’s Bay, Ponsonby and St Mary’s Bay’ – $10,000
  • Paul Diamond, ‘The Life and Times of Makereti Papakura’ – $10,000
  • Stephen Donald, ‘Uawa-nui-a-Ruamatua: Māori and Pakeha at Tolaga Bay, 1769–1940’ – $10,000
  • David Grant, ‘A Biography of Ken Douglas’ – $20,000
  • Graeme Hunt, ‘Spies and Revolutionaries: A History of Subversion in New Zealand’ – $6,000
  • Donald Kerr, ‘A Bio-bibliographical Study on Dr Thomas Morland Hocken’ – $7,000
  • Ruth Low, ‘The Story of Droving in New Zealand’ – $5,000
  • Veronika Meduna & Rebecca Priestley, ‘Butterflies, Boffins and Black Smokers: Two Centuries of New Zealand Scientists’ – $6,000
  • Lydia Monin, ‘From Poverty Bay to Broadway: The Tom Heeney Story’ – $7,000
  • Jill Trevelyan, ‘That Fine Thread of Beauty: A Life of Rita Angus’ – $10,000
  • Brian Wood, ‘One Too Many: The Strongman Mine Disaster, 1967’ – $4,000

Awards in History for 2006

Applications received: 65
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • David Harrowfield, 'To Strive, to Seek, to Find and Not to Yield: New Zealand and the Antarctic, 1957–2007' – $9000
  • Hilary & John Mitchell, 'Te Ara Hou: A History of Māori of Nelson and Marlborough, Vol II' – $26,000
  • Valerie Monk, 'Crown Lynn: A Celebration' – $7500
  • Ben Schrader, 'An Urban Country: A History of Urban Society, Culture and Identity in New Zealand' – $12,000
  • Damian Skinner, 'Peter McIntyre: Brushes with the Heartland' – $6000
  • Hilary Stace, 'Salisbury Garden Court Documentary Film' – $3000
  • Hamish Thompson, 'All Aboard!: An Illustrated History of the Railways Advertising Studios' – $8000
  • John Wilson, 'A History of Addington' – $7500
  • Bernard Wood, 'The Kiwis: 100 Years of Rugby League in New Zealand' – $7500
  • Matthew Wright, 'New Zealand Military Heroes' – $3500

Awards in History for 2005

Applications received: 63
Awards made: 13
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Sarah Davy, 'A Biography of Bee Nilson', $6000
  • Gabrielle Fortune, 'Mr Jones' Wives: War Brides of New Zealand World War II Servicemen', $8000
  • Margaret Hayward, 'Prime Ministerial Leadership in New Zealand, 1960–2000', $10,000
  • Rosalina McCarthy, 'Belated Accolades: Rosaline Margaret Frank and the Tyree Photographic Studio', $6000
  • Roberta McIntyre, 'A History of the South Island High Country', $8000
  • James McNeish, 'The Sixth Man: A Life of Paddy Costello', $10,000
  • Jessie Munro, 'The Correspondence and Other Writings of Suzanne Aubert', $10,000
  • Philip Norman, 'From a Summer School to the Olympics: The Rise of New Zealand Composition, 1946–2004', $12,000
  • Andrew Schmidt, 'Mysterex: Punk Rock and Youth Culture in New Zealand, 1976–83', $3000
  • Mary Stewart, 'Connecting the Two Sides of Our Little Globe: The Life and Writings of a Scottish Settler', $5000
  • Paul Waite, 'William H. Gummer, Architect', $5000
  • Joan Woodward and Glenys Mitchell, 'The Diaries and Biography of Jane Emily Peter, a South Canterbury Nurse', $3000
  • Susan Yoffe, 'History of Rangitoto Island Bach Communities Post World War II', $4000

Awards in History for 2004

Applications received: 80

Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Shaun Barnett, 'New Zealand Forest Parks: A History and Celebration of New Zealand's 17 Forest Parks' – $7,500
  • Helen Beaglehole, 'Lighting the Coast: A History of New Zealand's Manned Coastal Lighthouses' – $5,000
  • Maureen Birchfield, 'An Authorised Biography of Elsie Locke' – $30,000
  • Stephen Deed, 'The Development of the New Zealand Cemetery, 1769–1914' – $6,000
  • Joanne Drayton, 'A Biography of Frances Hodgkins' – $5,500
  • Helen Frizzell, 'Presbyterian Support Otago Centennial History' – $9,000
  • Philip Norman, 'A Biography of the New Zealand Composer Douglas Lilburn' – $5,000
  • Hazel Riseborough, 'Ngamatea: The Story of a High Country Station' – $5,000
  • Kirstie Ross, 'A Proper Sense of Country: A Visual, Cultural and Social History of Pakeha Outdoor Leisure' – $4,000
  • Rory Sweetman, 'A Biography of Dr James Kelly, Editor of the New Zealand Tablet, 1917–1931' – $11,000
  • Lois Webster, 'Siu ki Moana: Tongan–New Zealand Pathways, 1880–1950' – $5,000

Awards in History for 2003

Applications received: 87
Awards made: 9
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Henry Chan, The History of the Zengcheng Chinese People in New Zealand,$10,000
  • Merata Kawharu, A Tangata Whenua Perspective on the History of Tamaki, $9,000
  • Eugen Lepou, Samoa to New Zealand: The Immigrants Story, $5,000
  • Chris Maclean, Wellington, $26,000
  • Peter McQuarrie, A History of Tokelau, $5,000
  • Joanna Orwin, The Story of Kauri, $9,000
  • Damian Skinner, Lyonel Grant and the Expanding Horizons of Customary Carving, $3,000
  • Trade Union History Project, Lockout: The 1951 Waterfront Dispute in Retrospect, $8,000
  • Mere Whaanga, Historical Records of Matauranga Māori, $10,000

Awards in History for 2002

Applications received: 59
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Simon Boyce, Influence of economic advisers in the 1930s, $1000
  • Graham Bishop, Biography of Alexander McKay, $10,000
  • Margaret Alington, Biography of Frederick Thatcher, $4000
  • Richard & Marianne Davis, Biography of George Shannon, $4000
  • Julia Bradshaw, Women on the goldfields, $10,000
  • Senka Bozic-Vrbancic & Mario Vrbancic, Social history of Croats in NZ, $10,000
  • Rebecca Hayward, The contribution of New Zealand scholars to the study of the written word, $6000
  • Raeburn Lange, Te Aute College conferences, $10,000
  • Mark Derby, Biography of John Cullen, $10,000 (plus GST)
  • Leonore Hoke, The work of Ferdinand von Hochstetter, $5000
  • Nga Taonga a Nga Tama Toa Trust, Māori war effort in Tairawhiti, $10,000 (plus GST)
  • Tim Bollinger, History of comics, $5000

Awards in History for 2001

Applications received: 71
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • John Barrington, History of Barrington family, $8000
  • Roger Collins, Biography of Owen Merton, $3000
  • Ian Dougherty, Biography of A.H. Reed, $12,000
  • Sarah Gaitanos, Biography of Nola Millar, $10,000
  • Brita McVeigh, History of Air Hostesses, $7000
  • Len Richardson, Biography of Anthony Wilding, $12,000
  • Anna Rogers, Nurses at War, 18991946, $11,000 (plus GST)
  • Adrienne Simpson, History of women's cricket, $12,000
  • Rowland Taylor, History of Antipodes and Bounty Islands, $6000 (plus GST)
  • Bruce Wallace, History of Fletcher Challenge, $4000 (plus GST)

Awards in History for 2000

Applications received: 112
Awards made: 12, 11 accepted
Amount awarded: $92,000

  • Angela Ballara, Te Rongo O Te Pu: Māori society in the Musket War period $10,000
  • Colin Brown, A History of Christchurch Cathedral $2500
  • Lois Cox, Lesbian women growing up in the 1950s and 1960s $9000
  • Vivien Edwards, The Battle of the Bug: A history of the Hepatitis Foundation $10,000
  • Gerald Evans, After the Blue: Stories from people involved in the 1951 waterfront dispute $10,000
  • Lyndon Fraser, The West Coast Irish 1864–1900 $9000
  • Margaret Lovell-Smith, A history of the Hurunui District $5000
  • Chris Maclean, A biography of John Pascoe $8000
  • Roberta Nicholls, A history of Martinborough $7500
  • Geoff Park, Impact of swamp drainage on the indigenous ecosystem $4000
  • Jane Tolerton, A history of the AIDS Foundation $10,000 (declined)
  • Sue Upton, Women Behind the Bar: A history of barmaids, licensees and wives assisting $7000

Awards in History for 1999

Applications received: 84
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Peter Aimer, History and politics of the National Airways Corporation, 1947–78 $5000
  • Neill Atkinson, "Crew Culture": A social and cultural history of New Zealand seafarers, 1840–1940 $8000
  • Murray Bathgate, New Zealand adventurers, traders and planters in the Pacific in the 19th century $10,000
  • John Edgar, Biography of Dove-Meyer Robinson $6000
  • Bryan Gilling, A history of Raupatu $12,000
  • Margaret McClure, A history of marriage breakdown in 20th century New Zealand $10,000
  • James McNeish, "The New Zealand Thirties Group": Five New Zealanders who went to Oxford in the 1930s $8000
  • Clive Sowry, Filmography to 1960 $12,000
  • Russell Stone, A history of early Auckland $10,000
  • Noel Waite, Canterbury publishers $9000

Awards in History for 1998

Applications received: 95
Awards made: 12, accepted: 11
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Dianne Bardsley, Women in the Women's Land Service in World War II $10,000
  • Tim Beaglehole, Biography and letters of J.C. Beaglehole $8000
  • Alan Bollard, An economic-business history of New Zealand $8000 (declined)
  • Deborah Challinor, New Zealanders in the Vietnam War $6000
  • Stephen Hamilton, The cultural history of the little magazine, 1930s–1990s $10,000
  • Christine Hemming, The art of French voyages to New Zealand $2500
  • Chris Hilliard, The writing of New Zealand history $5500
  • Fiona McKergow, A history of dress in New Zealand $10,000
  • Paul Star, Articles on T.H. Potts, conservationist $5000
  • Philip Temple, The Wakefields $10,000
  • Alan Ward, The Crown's actions with Māori since 1839 $5000
  • John Wilson, A centennial history of Waikakahi $10,000

Awards in History since 1997

Applications received: 85
Awards made: 10
Amount awarded: $90,000

  • Giselle Byrnes, Inventing New Zealand: Surveying and the construction of cultural space, 1840s–1890s $10,000
  • David Colquhoun, Pakeha-Māori: The life and times of Frederick Edward Maning $10,000
  • Norman Crawshaw, The early years of coal mining in Buller-its economic and social implications $5000
  • Lyndon Fraser, Inheritance and family life in colonial New Zealand, 1850–1879 $10,000
  • Anna Gibbons, The voyage to New Zealand: A study of shipboard diaries of British immigrants, 1840–1870 $5000
  • Raeburn Lange, Māori health reform, 1900–1918 $10,000
  • Chris Maclean, A history of Kapiti Island $10,000
  • Deborah Shepard, A history of women and film in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1923–1998 $10,000
  • Te Wananga-o-Raukawa, Selected writings on aspects of Ngati Toa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Ati Awa history $10,000
  • Robert Wiri, History of the lands and people of the Urewera and Waikaremoana districts $10,000

Awards in History for 1996

Applications received: 62
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Graham Butterworth, The retention and utilisation of Māori land, 1891–1995 $10,000
  • Donald Couch, Te Rapaki O Te Rakiwhakaputa: Whenua me Tangata. A case study of the Kai Tahu papatipu marae of Rapaki, 1868–present $12,000
  • John Crockett, Translation and editing of Dom Felice Vaggioli's "Storia della Nuova Zealanda", vol.2 $10,000
  • Ellen Ellis, The Learned Eleventh: New Zealand women teachers to the Boer concentration camps $12,000
  • Margot Fry, A history of the New Zealand National Film Unit, 1941–1990 $5000
  • Carole van Grondelle, Biography of Nola Luxford $5000
  • Margaret Lovell-Smith, Biography of Dame Sister Mary Leo $5000
  • Janet McCallum, Women and journalism in New Zealand, 1850s–1940s $10,000
  • Rob McDonald, Dannevirke and District, 1872–1922 $5000
  • Jeremy Spencer, Editing of the New Zealand Journal of Baron Charles von Hugel, 1834 $5000
  • John Thomson, Editing of symposium on "The Great International Exhibition, Christchurch 1906–07" $6000

Awards in History for 1995

Applications received: 84
Awards made: 12
Amount awarded: $80,000

  • Maxine Bradbury, New Caledonia to New Zealand 1880: A study of motivation, expectation and realisation $2000
  • Warwick Brunton, A history of national mental health policy, services, organisation and legislation in New Zealand, 1840–1992 $6000
  • Harry Evison, The life and times of Walter Mantell $10,000
  • Jim Gardner, The origins of state compulsory arbitration in Northern Ireland, South Australia and New Zealand, 1890–94: A comparative study $1000
  • Ken Hall, The Pink and White Terraces. George D. Valentine: A photographer's journey $5000
  • Graham Hucker, The impact and effects of the First World War on a rural district in New Zealand: Stratford, 1914–1920s $1000
  • Ian Hunter, Man for our time: The story of R. A. Laidlaw $8000
  • Kingi Ihaka, The life and times of Sir Kingi Ihaka $10,000
  • William McKay, Buildings of the Morehu: An aspect of New Zealand architecture, 1800–1950 $9000
  • Paul Monin, Hauraki Frontier: A history of the Hauraki Gulf, Coromandel, Thames, 1769–1890 $10,000
  • Jessie Munro, Biography of Mother Aubert $8000
  • Anthony Sole, A history of Ngati Ruanui from migration traditions until 1900 $10,000


Awards in History for 1994

Applications received: 91
Awards made: 16
Amount awarded: $98,000

  • Angela Ballara, Origins of Ngati Kahungunu $9000
  • Margaret Brown, History of Auckland Nursing School $2500
  • Stanley Cowman, Dental technicians in New Zealand $1500
  • Brad Haami, Life of Dr Golan Maaka $4000
  • Christine Leov-Leland, Life and artistic achievement of Theo Schoon $3000
  • Wayne Orchiston, Astronomy in early protohistoric New Zealand $8000
  • Robin Ormerod, History of the Nature Conservation Council $6000
  • Katherine Rhee, Ornamental gardens in New Zealand $10,000
  • Frank Rogers, Archifacts index 1974–93 $500
  • Theresa Sawicka, History of the Pahiatua Children's Camp $7000
  • Bryan Staff, History of the recording industry in New Zealand $2000
  • Don Stafford, Landmarks of Te Arawa $9000
  • Thelma Strongman, Garden history of the provinces of the South Island $10,000
  • Kerry Taylor, A documentary history of New Zealand working people $12,000
  • Leah Taylor, Biography of Leslie Bourneman Neale $1500
  • John Wilson, A biography of Wiremu Kingi $12,000

Awards in History for 1993

Applications received: 92
Awards made: 15
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Ian Barber, Māori-European violence $12,000
  • Ann Beaglehole, Jews in New Zealand $12,000
  • Bruce Bigga, Editing and translating a history of Tainui $5000
  • Jennifer Briars, German immigrants in Upper Moutere $480
  • Fay Hercock, Biography of Alice Bush $12,000
  • Peter Hutchen, Waha and Kiwa: He Tangane, He Tuahine $1400
  • Rovina Maniapoto-Anderson, Te Remu o Te Huia $12,000
  • Chris Maclean, A History of the Tararua Range $12,000
  • Keith Ovenden, Biography of Dan Davin $12,000
  • Grant Phillipson, Missionaries and cultural relativism $5000
  • Donald Rickard, History of irrigation in Canterbury $5000
  • Philip Temple, Jerningham: A Wakefield history $5000
  • Shirley Tunnicliffe, An informal history of Nelson $500
  • Tau Moana Turoa, Parehauraki localities $5000
  • David Young, Race relations on the Whanganui River $5000

Awards in History for 1992

Applications received: 96
Awards made: 16
Amount awarded: $100,000

  • Graeme Anderson, Biography of Abel Tasman $4000
  • Ann Calhoun, Women in the fine and applied arts $12,000
  • Bill Dacker, Mogi and Ka Moutere o Rakiura $5000
  • Ashley Gould, Soldier settlement after WW1 $12,000
  • Patricia Grace and Irihapeti Ramsden, Recollections of the Ngati Poneke $7200
  • Hamish Keith, Biography of Colin McCahon $12,000
  • Jeremy Lowe, Thorndon: Evolution of a Community $12,000
  • Duncan McKay, Frontier New Zealand $3142
  • Athol McCredie, Ernst Plischke: Modernism and New Zealand Art $5000
  • A-V Moltschaniwskj, History of Parewa Cemetery $200
  • Joanna Orwin, Memoirs of a South Island Maori elder $5000
  • Richard Spence, Biography of Wiremu Wi Te Tau Huata $5000
  • John Thomson, Influence of exhibitions on New Zealand music $5000
  • Tony Wilson, History of telecommunications $5000
  • Emily Wrigley, William Robinson of Cheviot $1405
  • Redmer Yska, A social history of New Zealand in the 1950s $5000

Awards in History for 1991

Applications received: 83
Awards made: 13
Amount awarded: $95,000

  • Sandra Coney and Liz Greenslade, A social history of New Zealand women $12,000
  • Brian Easton, Post-war New Zealand Economy $11,250
  • Harry Evison, Ngai Tahu/European contact $12,000
  • Ross Galbreath, Colonisation, identity and conservation in New Zealand $12,000
  • Brad Patterson, Dynamics of Colonial Capitalism $12,000
  • Mira Szaszy, Māori Women's Welfare League history project $10,000
  • Michael Bassett, Biography of Sir Joseph Ward $6300
  • Michael Bellam, A social history of the Irish in New Zealand $5000
  • Peter Franks, History of New Zealand Clerical Workers' Union $5000
  • Judith Devaliant, Biography of Kate Sheppard $5000
  • Sam Elworthy, Origins of the DPB $2500
  • Christopher Lethbridge, Biography of Octavius Hadfield $1000
  • Lyndden Rain, History of Riverside $500

Awards in History for 1990

Applications received: 83
Awards made: 11
Amount awarded: $85,000

  • Edmund Bohan, Biography of Edward Stafford $8000
  • Catriona Cameron, Friends' Ambulance in China $1350
  • Annabel Cooper, Autobiography of Mary Lee $6000
  • Christine Dann, Origins and development of the Green Movement $12,000
  • Alan Haronga, People of the Harouta Canoe $11,000
  • Max Lash, Dictionary of Biography for Nelson $6000
  • Chris Pugsley, New Zealanders on the Western Front in WW1 $12,000
  • Charles Royal, Migrations of Ngati Raukawa and Ngati Toa $12,000
  • Kenneth Simpson, Medical history of New Zealand 1840–70 $4000
  • Jane Tolerton, Biography of Ettie Rout $12,000
  • Shirley Tunnicliffe, Letters of Mary Hobhouse $1000